City Mall celebrates with its visitors the “Love Tree”

Amman, Jordan (February 2021) - City Mall; The City’s Favourite, will provide the opportunity for its visitors to celebrate Valentine's Day through the "The Tree of Love" event from 9/2/2021 to 15/2/2021. The mall provides the opportunity for its visitors to win vouchers, in addition to sweets and messages of love, as a small initiative from City Mall to spread the spirit of love and optimism to its visitors and under the current circumstances.

Where City Mall will put “The Tree of Love" inside the mall, all visitors have to do is shop for 30 JDs and submit the purchase invoice to the customer care desk, then go to the “The Tree of Love" and choose a gift hanging on the tree, as the gift contains sweets and a message of love offered by City Mall, in addition to a chance to win vouchers worth 10 JDs if they are lucky.

City Mall affirms its constant concern for the safety of its visitors by taking all public safety and social distancing measures to ensure the safety of its visitors, and emphasizing the obligation to wear a mask inside the mall to enable them to shop and participate in its marketing campaigns comfortably.

City Mall supports talents and handicraft owners

Amman, Jordan (September 2020) -City Mall; The City’s Favourite, is currently working to design an innovative initiative to support people with talents for handicrafts, where City Mall will provide ready-made kiosks for the owners of these crafts to be able to display and sell their products to the mall goers and visitors.

The City Mall initiative came due to the current conditions as a result of the Corona pandemic, which affected a large group of talents and handicrafts business owners in light of the cancellation of bazaars, which were considered the appropriate tool and means to display their products. As City Mall will provide several kiosks to enable people to display their products for up to a month.

The way to apply for this initiative will be by sending pictures of the products with the person's full information via e-mail, where the City Mall management will select people and communicate with them to provide them with all the information.

City Mall launches a summer campaign with “Spin the Wheel”

Amman, Jordan (August 2020) - City Mall; The City’s Favourite, returns with the summer campaign in an interesting and innovative way, where the focus in this campaign is on technological and digital development, which is a digital wheel containing valuable gifts and prizes provided by City Mall and the stores inside the mall. The participant has to press the red button to start the digital wheel spinning, and then to press the button again to stop the calf either for a specific prize or "better luck next time" as the game takes into account all public safety and social distancing measures due to the circumstances surrounding the community, so that they can reward mall visitors for shopping from City Mall with the "Spin the Wheel" campaign.

To participate in this game, participants must shop for 50 JDs or more from any of the City Mall shops and submit invoices to the customer care desk located in the same place of the event, as the campaign started on August 5, 2020 and was extended until August 21, 2020.

This was done by City Mall; The City’s Favourite, by taking all public safety measures from sterilization and disinfection of all facilities to ensure a comfortable shopping environment, considering social distancing between all mall visitors and participants in the "Spin the Wheel” game.