City Mall launches a summer campaign with "Spin the Wheel”

05 Jul 2021
Amman, Jordan (August 2020) - City Mall; The City’s Favourite, returns with the summer campaign in an interesting and innovative way, where the focus in this campaign is on technological and digital development, which is a digital wheel containing valuable gifts and prizes provided by City Mall and the stores inside the mall. The participant has to press the red button to start the digital wheel spinning, and then to press the button again to stop the calf either for a specific prize or "better luck next time" as the game takes into account all public safety and social distancing measures due to the circumstances surrounding the community, so that they can reward mall visitors for shopping from City Mall with the "Spin the Wheel" campaign.

To participate in this game, participants must shop for 50 JDs or more from any of the City Mall shops and submit invoices to the customer care desk located in the same place of the event, as the campaign started on August 5, 2020 and was extended until August 21, 2020.

This was done by City Mall; The City’s Favourite, by taking all public safety measures from sterilization and disinfection of all facilities to ensure a comfortable shopping environment, considering social distancing between all mall visitors and participants in the "Spin the Wheel” game.