City Mall supports talents and handicraft owners

05 Jul 2021
Amman, Jordan (September 2020) -City Mall; The City’s Favourite, is currently working to design an innovative initiative to support people with talents for handicrafts, where City Mall will provide ready-made kiosks for the owners of these crafts to be able to display and sell their products to the mall goers and visitors.

The City Mall initiative came due to the current conditions as a result of the Corona pandemic, which affected a large group of talents and handicrafts business owners in light of the cancellation of bazaars, which were considered the appropriate tool and means to display their products. As City Mall will provide several kiosks to enable people to display their products for up to a month.

The way to apply for this initiative will be by sending pictures of the products with the person's full information via e-mail, where the City Mall management will select people and communicate with them to provide them with all the information.