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Jordan Ahli Bank

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As the first locally-established bank in east Jordan, back in 1955, and the 6th public shareholding company, Jordan Ahli Bank is considered a pioneering financial institution in the kingdom. Under wise leadership and progressive management, the bank managed to play a major role in supporting the national economy and the local community. ahli is also widely known for its solid corporate structure that is based on sustainability and the ability to stay in step with global developments.
To achieve its ambitious vision, Jordan Ahli Bank adopted a concept of “Shared Prosperity” that constitutes a natural extension of the corporate philosophy; investing in local communities as the seed for all economic growth. Today, ahli can look back with pride at what has been achieved so far under the joint prosperity strategy in terms of creating real value for all stakeholders, identifying value indicators for each stakeholder – including regulators, employees, clients, and the public – and channeling ahli’s CSR strategically towards achieving sustainable targets.
The Bank operates various banking sectors aimed at serving different segments by providing innovative solutions, products, and services that add value beyond just banking. As such, the bank caters to the requirements of its customer base in an efficient way that guarantees their satisfaction. In parallel, the bank is keen on caring for its human resources and ensuring gender equality within its ranks. The bank also runs several development programs for its employees alongside programs aimed at building national human capital including those with special needs.
Over the years, the bank adopted cutting-edge processes across the work spectrum, incorporating environmental solutions, in order to align its operations with sustainability targets. Ahli was amongst the first to adopt innovative technological solutions when it launched “ahli fintech” and later “ahli fintech accelerator”, providing entrepreneurs with a business incubator to propel their projects. This reflects the interest and investment that the bank directs at future generations.
On the CSR front, the bank allocated an ambitious budget to sponsor development and empowerment programs that cater to a multitude of community segments. Jordan Ahli Bank coordinates its social responsibility efforts with public and private organizations to ensure its effective participation in the economic, social, and environmental growth in the country; putting it at the forefront of national institutions in terms of CSR.

Working Hours

8:00 am - 12:00 pm, Friday 12:00pm - 10:00pm