City Mall celebrates with its visitors the "Love Tree"

05 Jul 2021
Amman, Jordan (February 2021) - City Mall; The City’s Favourite, will provide the opportunity for its visitors to celebrate Valentine's Day through the "The Tree of Love" event from 9/2/2021 to 15/2/2021. The mall provides the opportunity for its visitors to win vouchers, in addition to sweets and messages of love, as a small initiative from City Mall to spread the spirit of love and optimism to its visitors and under the current circumstances.

Where City Mall will put “The Tree of Love" inside the mall, all visitors have to do is shop for 30 JDs and submit the purchase invoice to the customer care desk, then go to the “The Tree of Love" and choose a gift hanging on the tree, as the gift contains sweets and a message of love offered by City Mall, in addition to a chance to win vouchers worth 10 JDs if they are lucky.

City Mall affirms its constant concern for the safety of its visitors by taking all public safety and social distancing measures to ensure the safety of its visitors, and emphasizing the obligation to wear a mask inside the mall to enable them to shop and participate in its marketing campaigns comfortably.